At Stones Driving School we will give you all the help you need to enable you to pass your theory test. In addition we will provide you with access to Theory Pro. Theory Test Pro has everything you need to prepare for and pass your driving theory test.

Take practice tests using official questions from the DSA
Check progress at a glance with easy-to-read graphs
Practice your hazard perception using official video clips
Save money, it’s cheaper than buying DVDs

The test needs to be passed before you are able to apply for your practical driving test and comprises two parts - a multiple choice part and a hazard perception part. You need to pass both parts at the same time.

The multiple choice element of the test consists of 50 questions from a question bank of over 900 questions. Each question will have between one and three correct answers. Where there is more than one correct answer, you need to get all the answers correct to score for that question. The computer clearly indicates to you if more than one correct answer is required. The pass mark for the multiple choice element is 43 out of 50. Whilst some questions may be considered by some to be common sense or general knowledge, others will be things that you will only know because you have learnt them.

After the multiple choice element is the hazard perception element. For this you will be shown 14 clips of film containing a total of 15 "developing hazards" that you need to identify. You identify them by clicking the mouse button. You do not need to move the cursor. The sooner you identify each scoring hazard, the more points you get.
The maximun score you can get is 75 (5 for each hazard) and the pass mark is 44 out of 75.
At the end of the test, the invigilator will give you your results.