We are registered to deliver the Pass Plus course in both Abergavenny and Swindon and their surrounding areas.

There are two great benefits in doing the pass plus course. Firstly, as a result of doing the course you will be a safer and more experienced driver. The skills that you have learnt during your driving lessons prior to your driving test, will be enhanced by doing the pass plus course.

Secondly, many insurance companies give significant insurance discounts to those who have completed the course. In some cases this can result in a net saving of hundreds of pounds!

The course consists of six modules, each of which lasts a minimum of one hour. There is no formal test at the end of the course, but your Pass plus registered instructor needs to sign that your driving has been of a satisfactory standard on each of the modules.

The six modules to be covered are:
Town Driving
Out of Town Driving
Night Driving
All Weather Driving
Dual Carriageways and