We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in this field of work.

We offer fleet courses to companies from one or two drivers up to large companies with multiple employees. We are in contact with many more fleet professionals in the industry and we are able to draught in more trainers when necessary. The fleet course is designed to lessen the every day risks that professional drivers are exposed to on a day-to-day basis.

The courses are tailored to suit the individual needs of the company. This would take the form of an initial meeting with the transport manager to establish what is required. Following that we will put together a safety package for your approval.

A typical package will take the form of a theoretical element; this can be done using a meeting room with as many drivers as is suitable and practical for the company and the premises. This element will take approximately an hour and a half. Following that the drivers will then be taken through the vehicle safety checks that are a fundamental part of everyday driving.

Once this has been completed successfully we will accompany the drivers on an initial assessment drive to establish the needs (if any) of each driver. This is followed by a debrief and help where required and then a final drive to establish how much of the new information the driver has begun to take on board and put into practice.

The sessions are conducted most professionally and the drivers are not ever treated like learners. The skill of an experienced fleet trainer is the ability to coach a driver and not to undermine them at any time. We are most aware that we will be dealing with drivers who have years of driving experience and they will be treated as such.

Amongst the benefits of this training are:
Eco safe driving - companies have reported significant saving on monthly fuel bills following this type of training.
Reduced accident rates - This has to be a good thing in terms of reducing insurance cost and the safety of all employees.
Stress - Many drivers have said that they feel far less stressed at the end of a working day having employed the techniques that we suggest during courses.

Prices depend on numbers - please contact us for a quote.